Welcome to The Good Life!

Find Your Sweet Spot ™

  • Planning Your Meals So You Don’t Have To
  • Suitable for Diabetic, GF, Autism/ADHD, Low Carb
  • Easy gourmet style
  • Whole, fresh, unprocessed, nutrient-dense  foods
  • No artificial ingredients
  • A whole month’s worth of weekly menu plans costs less than eating out once!

We all have memories of long, leisurely meals spent around the table with family and friends, enjoying one of Mom’s homemade meals.  This is part of living well, la Vita Bella to the Italians and la Belle Vie to the French.  Simple pleasures add so much to life.

More typical for most of us is The Rushed Life: hurrying around, ferrying kids to activities, and arriving home without having had a chance to think about dinner.  So we end up making better friends with the pizza guy, or warming up expensive, processed pre-made food.  Or worse yet, in the drivethrough.  Again.   Just supersize me.   You know you should plan it out and cook, but who has time for that?

Wouldn’t you rather be eating fresh, easy gourmet-yet-kid-friendly meals?

Good Life Menus lets you have a slice of the beautiful life, every night of the week.  At only about 30 cents per menu, Good Life saves you both time and money!  No more repeated trips to the store after forgotten ingredients or to fast-food places: make just one trip because you have a complete shopping list coded to the menus.  No frustrated time spent trying to figure out what to eat.  You’ll steer away from processed foods and serve whole, fresh, seasonal foods, taking little more time to prepare than it does to nuke premade meals or wait on delivery!